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Rogersville Fluoride Supplements

Tap water in most US cities contains an adequate amount of fluoride to help support the development of healthy, strong teeth. However, more and more people are drinking bottled water, which does not contain fluoride. In fact, kids are at an ever increasing risk for fluoride deficiency as parents use bottled water to mix baby formula and pack disposable bottled water in lunches. This can lead to a deficiency in this nutrient essential to the strength of tooth enamel. At Rogersville Family Dentistry, we can help kids and adults alike get adequate fluoride to develop strong, healthy teeth, and strengthen weakened tooth areas. Contact our team to find out more or ask about fluoride treatments during your next visit.

For young children who are still in the process of developing primary or adult teeth, we may recommend a fluoride supplement, but once teeth have erupted from the gum line, topical fluoride treatments are the best way to fortify tooth enamel. For kids and adults who are prone to decay, we can apply topical fluoride treatments as part of any dental checkup, and this mineral will continue to go to work attracting other strengthening minerals to the tooth to build stronger enamel. We may also prescribe toothpastes and mouth rinses with an elevated fluoride content for use during your daily oral hygiene routine.

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