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Rogersville Smile Makeovers

Do you marvel at the perfect teeth of celebrities, models, and pro athletes? Wish you had a bold, beautiful smile? You can! With modern cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Gunnin will transform your image and give you the smile you've wanted for years.

Your satisfaction is paramount, so Dr. Gunnin builds  all smile makeovers on a solid foundation. Esthetic restorative dentistry, such as white fillings and crowns, can repair your teeth or replace metal dental work. If you're missing teeth, Dr. Gunnin may recommend dental implants, a bridge, or denture. Once your teeth and gums are in optimal health and function comfortably, we'll focus on building your new smile.

To begin, Dr. Gunnin will give you a comprehensive checkup. He'll also discuss your goals and preferences. The two of you may review before-and-after photos of our smile makeover patients or pictures of smiles you admire. Dr. Gunnin's experience and training allow him to become your personal consultant, offering solutions to all of your cosmetic concerns.

In many cases, different procedures can correct the same esthetic flaws. Porcelain veneers, for instance, close gaps, correct misalignments, and permanently whiten teeth. Bonding provides the same results, but with some disadvantages in longevity. After a thorough discussion with Dr. Gunnin, you'll understand the options so you can make informed decisions for your smile makeover plan.

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