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Rogersville Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you have a mouth full of traditional, amalgam fillings or even just one, you know the effect these silver-colored fillings have the on the appearance of your smile. What many of our patients don’t know is the impact amalgam fillings may have on their oral health. Amalgams are held in place by ridges carved into the healthy tooth structure, and they expand and contract within the tooth leading to potential further damage and allowing bacteria access to the treated tooth. At Rogersville Family Dentistry, we recommend composite resin fillings as a superior cosmetic and restorative solution for minor decay, damage, and cosmetic flaws. Contact us to find out more or schedule and appointment today.

Composite resin fillings are easily blended to perfectly match the natural color of teeth, making them a cosmetically superior option compared with traditional amalgams. Additionally, this material is better for the remaining healthy structure. Applied directly to teeth in a malleable form, composite resin fills even the small pits and grooves in tooth enamel, creating a strong, natural bond and preserving more healthy dental structure. Composite resin fillings are less likely to break away from the tooth, fall out, or lead to further decay as bacteria is trapped between filling and tooth as is the case with amalgams.

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